Monday, July 19, 2010

Sia "Breathe Me"


  1. that is very cool
    100s of Polaroids
    if we only had a ton of film
    a good post

  2. very cool...I like the song too :-)

  3. Amazing video and song. Haven't heard of it before..

    Did they really take all those Polaroids? Or just a few and fake the rest digitally?

  4. I found this when I looked up another song of her.
    and of course tried to find some info about the video...I only found one site, where they mentioned that it took thousands of they (or most of them) are probably real ones.
    I love the beginning, where you can see the development process......and yes, the song is great most of her others :-)

  5. Oh. Just some of it didn't look real, just looked like broken up video not corresponding to the finger flicking. Lots of them did though, epecially early on.

    Have you seen Stephanie Schneider's film yet?

  6. yes, probably. it would be an insane amount of film they'd need....

    no? what's that film?

  7. I've looked it up myself.
    for anyone who's interested...